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RENDITION is a clothing brand that has been designed and owned by tattooists for the tattoo lovers. We have created both relevance and artwork that reflect what's trending in our industry today. Our mission is to provide comfort, style, and designs that not only appeal to tattoo enthusiasts but also create a lasting social aspect for them. When you wear RENDITION clothing, you become part of the tattoo community, sharing your passion for body art with others while showcasing the latest trends in fashion. Our vision is to be recognized as the go-to brand for those who love tattoos and want their apparel to reflect their unique personality and style.

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The new tees on the block GHOST

Like the RENDITION CLASSIC but with a sleek Rendition script featured on the back.

 Features the signature red label on this stylish everyday pocket tee.

An absolute crew neck classic in a relaxed fit. It's a heavyweight at 220 GSM. In 100% combed cotton, the sides are seamed, the shoulders taped, and it's preshrunk with d hems. Bingo. 


Fancy it in black take a look a PHANTOM 

FABRIC: Machine washable, 100% cotton jersey.

Available in 
• Medium
• Large 
• X-large 

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